Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Blackjack

Here we will talk about some of the mistakes that players make especially beginners in blackjack. Some of the mistakes that arise are as a result of not following the rules of money management and also lack of discipline when playing the game.

Raising bets

You can’t use progression betting when playing blackjack because the odds of the game are mostly against the player. It’s best to stick to a money management strategy when playing Blackjack.

One mistake that is common amongst players is that when they notice they are winning, they decide to raise their bets. What they fail to know is that the winning streak eventually ends when they play longer and then they begin to lose money.

When playing you may get pressured by casino staff and others to raise your bet. If you succumb to their tricks and lose, it can cause to make irrational decisions trying to make up for your loss by still raising your bet until you lose all your money.

Making up for loses

Most players often fall when they make a bad decision to make up for their loses by raising their bets. This method of recovery is connected the Martingale betting system.

When you lose, it’s not advisable to double your bet because you would end up losing more. The best thing to do is to remain calm and stick to your game strategy instead of taking any added risk. Also, don’t spend more than your bankroll or even stay longer than your planned play time.

Rest Well

When you play blackjack longer than you planned, you will get tired and this will affect how well you perform during the game. Blackjack is brain tasking because it requires quick thinking. Tiredness can cause you to lose concentration when playing and will cause you to make mistakes that can cause significant loses.

Overplaying for freebies

This is another very common mistake in blackjack. The main objective of the casino in the game of blackjack is to keep players continuously engaged. Freebies are one way they use to lure players to stay in the game.

These freebies are actually pricey because they are contingent on the players loses. It is best to keep your loses at a minimum. When you overbet, it can cause you to lose all your money.

Giving tips

Though it’s common for people to give tips, its not compulsory. If a player chooses to tip the dealer in the game, he has to make sure it’s ok for his bankroll as well as his performance. Dealers play an important role in improving your luck on the table. When they do this and you are getting a better experience, you can choose to tip them by appreciating them.

Your tip, however, must be reasonable. Skilled players know how to measure their tips. They do this by giving 1 to 2% of their expected win. For a basic strategy player, it's best to have a fixed amount for your tip which can be measured per hour. You can also decide not to tip. Know, however, that tipping goes a long way to get a better service.

Free alcohol

Casinos offer free drinks and that’s something you would want to be careful about. This is also a trick you shouldn’t fall for. Alcohol can affect your concentration and the kind of decisions you make. It can make you end up with fatal loses because you are not able to think clearly. It’s best to keep a clear head when playing blackjack but in case you still want some alcohol, take it in minimal quantity.